HTRC B6V2 80W 6A DC RC Multi-Charger for LiPo LiIon Life NiCd NiMH LiHV PB Smart Battery

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    • ✌{VARIETY BATTERY CHARGING} Our 80W 6A DC11V-18V battery charger can support a variety of battery types: LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion, LiHV, NiMH, NiCD, Pb batteries, smart batteries. When the battery is full charged, the battery charger will automatically stop charging.

    • ✌{MULTI-MODES} Charge mode, discharge mode and balance mode, with the charge mode and discharge mode, you can adjust the voltage and current, with the balance mode, it will automatically adjust the voltage and current, you don't need to adjust the voltage or current.

    • ✌{MULTI-FUNCTIONS} Except charge mode, balance mode, and discharge mode, there are other functions: terminal voltage control; battery capacity & voltage checking; battery internal resistance checking; storage mode; data storage and memory loading; meter; digital DC power.

    • ✌{WIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY} HTRC B6V2 battery charger can charge LiPo: 1-6 cells, LiFe: 1-6 cells, Li-ion: 1-6 cells, LiHv: 1-6 cells, NiMH: 1-15cells, NiCD: 1-15 cells, Pb(lead Acid): 2-20V, Smart Battery: I,II,III, which meet your needs of battery charging. Tips: Please choose the right type of battery when charge.

  • ✌{PACKAGE CONTENT} 1*HTRC B6V2 Battery Charger; 1*DC Crocodile Clip; 1*Connector Splitter; 1*Adapter; 1*AC Power Cable; 1*Battery Protected Bag; 1*Voltage Tester; 1*Manual. The 15V 6A power adapter we offer is the best choice to the B6V2 battery charger, you also can use other adapters which are suitable for the battery charger, but please don't use the laptop's adapter which is not suitable for the battery charger.



Product Description

product description
Colour: Black
HTRC 80W 6A DC Lipo charger/discharger with convenient multi-function A charger for easy operation

- Microprocessor controlled triangulation peak sensitivity.
- High power and high performance circuits.
- Automatically identify the battery count of the lithium battery section.
- Check the internal resistance of the lithium battery. Notify you when the battery is damaged.
- Support for LiHV batteries.
- Support smart batteries I, II, III. (An optional smart battery charging cable is required).
- Maximum safety: low input voltage setting, delay-to-peak sensitivity. Capacity limit, processing time limit, temperature threshold.
- Terminal voltage control.
- Single battery balancing, battery voltage monitoring.
- Data storage and loading (storing up to 20 packets of memory).
- Battery is off and cycling.
-digital power supply

* Operating voltage range: DC 11.0-18.0 volts / AC to DC adapter (DC11.0-18.0V / 6A)
* Maximum charging power 80W
* Maximum discharge power 10W
* Charging current range: 0.1-6.0A
* Discharge current range: 0.1-2.0A
* Balanced current drain: 400 mAh/core
* Lithium ion / lithium ion battery / lithium ion battery: 1 to 6 core
* NiCd/NiMH battery: 1 - 15 cores
* Pb battery voltage: 2~20v
* Smart battery: I II III
* Net weight: 220g
* Size: 135x86x27mm

The package includes:
1 x HTRC 80W 6A battery charger;
1 x user manual;
1 x DC alligator clip;
1 x joint separator;
1 x adapter;
1 x AC power cord;
1 battery protection bag

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